Arya Hamrah, Rohil, Sepura and LS Telecom in Telecom 2016

  • 17 October 2016
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Arya Hamrah, Rohil, Sepura and LS Telecom in Telecom 2016

Arya Hamrah’s presence in the seventeenth Telecom exhibition, with the participation of its eminent international partners in the field of telecommunications; Rohil, Sepura and LS Telecom, create a valuable opportunity for Arya Hamrah to provide solutions and major projects in the telecommunications and network industry.

Arya Hamrah with the support of global brands partnership in the industry, unveiled the nation's largest radio project "Tetra of Tehran Municipality" which is in processing in partnership with Sepura and Rohil and demos of this project showcased at Telecom 2016.

Aria Hamrah also announced its readiness to provide the equipment for fiber optic networks, as well as the design, implementation and providing WiFi network’s equipment.

Oil and gas transmission pipe-lines monitoring by means of Big Data solutions was presented during the exhibition.. According to this method, oil and gas transmission pipe-lines are monitored and supervised remotely and  live data is stored at a data center. Based on the analysis of this massive data, appropriate technical and management decisions are taken and also the probable problems of these lines are detected before the disaster.


Security Solutions:


One of the most important difficulties of our country’s security is the use of non-native security products that has led to a disaster such as the "Stuxnet", till now. For this reason; Arya Hamrah introduced its security valid product, ARMA SIEM to the visitors. This security product is a native SIEM that has achieved certifications for setting up in SOC of the important organizations - the "cybersecurity" and "passive defense".

In the field of "intelligent transportation" Aria Hamrah unveiled a "comprehensive system of plate reader" and announced its readiness to implement similar projects such as "image processing".

Knotting the field of telecommunications and network with new concepts of IOT and the widespread use of the Internet of Things applications of telecommunications networks, made us to present the solutions "smart meters remote reading of electricity, gas and water" and "smart positioning (with the ability to Fleet Management)" in this exhibition. Presenting live demos of System of Tracking and Multi Scenario AMI was one of the interesting parts of the Arya Hamrah’s pavilion in Telecom 2016.


Arya Hamrah as one of the pioneers in the field of ICT in the country, to develop specialized knowledge in this domain and also to take steps in training capable managers throughout the country.

Arya Hamrah’s training department with the introduction of specialized courses in various fields of ICT, also in the field of organizations and projects’ management, was actively presented in the seventeenth Telecom Exhibition.




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