In recent years, with technical knowledge and continues efforts, Arya Hamrah samaneh Co. could handle considerable national projects in the field of IT services support and subsequently gained customers satisfaction. By having qualified, professional and trained specialists we provide 24 hours support and maintenance services,

moreover our support offices throughout the country allow us to serve on immediate basis to organizations in all provincial capitals and cities. We are proud of our professional team who plays curtail role in the company, they have up to date knowledge and are experienced in repairing parts and electronic equipment,

they are making Arya Hamrah playing leading role in the market. National project like fuel smart card support system marked a turning point in the field of supporting IT projects. This honorable milestone wasn’t achievable without our efficient specialists.
ICT Support



  • Selling 2600 rack, National Iranian Oil Company, 2014-15

  • Data center and Primary site Support and maintenance services, Tejarat bank, 2014-15

  • primary data center design, installation and support, The Supreme Audit Court, 2015

  • Maintenance of networks, computer systems and software, National Iranian Oil Company Exploration Management, 2015

  • fuel smart card system Service, maintenance and support fuel smart card system, National Iranian Oil Company, 2012-13

  • Support, maintenance and development of the Subscribers' system, national iranian gas company, 2016