About Data Center Service Department

Arya Hamrah Co. optimizes IT services ,by having outstanding performance in the era of IT services and implementing ITIL that is strongly aligned with ISO 20000. We enable organizations with organized planning to keep pace with rapid changes in process technology. Business gains flexibility, efficiency and also scalability with Integrated managed infrastructure services. It also helps you to manage your IT assets and keep safe your customers data in local and cloud storage.


Arya service package is designed with high flexibility and include monitoring, evaluation framework, middleware, groupware, database, network-attached storage and backup, while these services are modular. In addition to meet the needs of the customer and respond to technological changes, these modular services can be customized according to what customers are in need of.

Data Center Projects


  • purchase, delivery, installation and support services of data center equipment, 29 Province Gas Companies, 2011-12

  • design and Reconstruction of the IT management building's central site, Tejarat bank, 2010-13

  • monitoring data center design project and implementation of primary data center, Iran Insurance Company, 2011

  • consulting, design and create Data Center RFP, Khuzestan Water and Electricity Authority, 2013

  • Purchase of 35 servers and peripheral equipment, Welfare Services Department of the judiciary, 2014-15

  • Provide the equipment, Afranet Co, 2015

  • APC Equipment Providing, Afranet Co, 2015

  • Data center standard codification consulting services, Information Technology Organization of Iran, 2015

  • Purchase of equipment, installation and support for storage switching infrastructure, mashhad municipality, 2015

  • Purchase of network equipment of city council building, mashhad Municipality, 2015

  • Purchase of storage equipment, Mashhad municipality, 2013

  • Purchase and installation of equipment ,National Iranian Gas Company, 2014-15

  • Data center physical infrastructure, Organization of targeted subsidies, 2015